Useful Building Techniques

Do you want to build amazing LEGO builds, that everybody will admire? But do you sometimes think, that it's too hard and there are a lot of very talented people doing it way better than you? Let me tell you, that talent is not everything. Believe me or not, everybody can become a master builder and nobody knows how to be best at it. They just do what they love and think about it all the time. All it needs is just enthusiasm, practice and patience. LEGO is an amazing medium for making anything you want a reality. But of…

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A License to Drive

When I started my Youtube channel, I knew I want to do a collection of famous movie vehicles. And there are a lot of them to choose from - from Herbie, KITT, Ghost Busters, The Smokey and the Bandit, A-Team Van to all the Batmobiles. But the cars from James Bond movies were always special even in such a lineup - classy, fast, packed with many weapons and gadgets. The Bond films are one of the biggest movie franchises ever. It counts 24 official and two unofficial films, 6 different actors, and of course a lot of cars and gadgets. The…

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Does It Come in Black?

In 1939 The Detective Comics #27 came out and the popculture world was never the same since that moment. Batman was a new kind of superhero. In fact he wasn’t super at all. But I think that this is exactly what made this character so popular all around the world – and besides that the cars of course. Chicks love the cars, right? Even Joker wonders, where does Batman get such beautiful toys! The need to move fast around Gotham led Bruce Wayne first to use his own car. Which is not a good idea, when you consider that basically…

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Aquazone – The (Not So Much) Objective Review

The LEGO System originaly had only three major themes: Town, Castle and Space. All of them have special place in the childhood memories of today's AFOLS. It was their starting point, their first sets. Especially the Classis Space has a very stong fanbase to this day. I wasn´t even born in 1978, when the themes were introduced. But it was a pure pleasure for me to go through the old catalogues as a kid and discover the old sets. What I really like about the old catalogues are the dioramas - all the sets presented in the (mostly) real enviroments.…

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Starcom – The Hidden Jewel of the 80’s

If you grew up in the late 80's and the 90's like I did, then you propably saw a lot of cartoons. I spent countless hours watching Cartoon Network, VIVA and other channels which came quite late to our country (Czech Republic).  Yes, it was the golden age of animated TV shows like Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe or Batman The Animated Series, just to name a few. Each of these shows either had it's own toyline as it got succesful, or was made to promote already existing toys which was even more common.…

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My USS Enterprise A Featured in Hungarian Online News Platform!

It looks like there are many Star Trek fans in Hungary, because one of the major local online news platform published an article called „The dream of Star Trek fans finally came true“. The article is about MOCHUB – new Hungarian platform for buying and selling custom LEGO creations. I started to collaborate with them a few months ago and was among the first builders, who registrated on the site. One of my creations that you can find in their online store is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A display model with custom stand in the shape of the Starfleet logo. This…

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Welcome to my new website!

Hi guys, I am thrilled to welcome you to my new website, where you can find everything about my LEGO creations. This is also the first post in my new blog, where I will be writing about my designing process, showing you some usefull techniques and skills and also sharing my passion for supercars, movies, vintage animated tv shows, books, comics, old and new sci-fi and popculture in general. Ask me anything you like in the comments and drop by time to time to see whats new! Jerry

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