Designing a Supercar II. – Starting a New Design

In my article Designing a Supercar I. - Understanding the Basics, I talked about the basic knowledge every LEGO builder should know. And now we will finally get specific! I will show you step by step process how I had built the Lamborghini Veneno and the Bugatti Veyron in minifig scale. So let's get started! Get the Scale Right First of all, you should ask yourself how big the perfect minifig scale car should be? The answer isn't that simple and everybody has a different opinion on it. Older LEGO sets contained 4-wide cars and nowadays the standard is shifting to…

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Designing a Supercar I. – Understanding the Basics

In my recent article Useful Building Techniques, we talked about some general tips and tricks that can be handy when you are designing your own LEGO creations. But this time I will be more specific and show you some actual building techniques that I use when I design minifig scale supercars. I think that designing a really nice looking car in this scale needs a lot of practice and tries. But you can learn a lot by doing a few of your own cars in this scale. I will use my two latest supercar builds - the Lamborghini Veneno and…

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Useful Building Techniques

Do you want to build amazing LEGO builds, that everybody will admire? But do you sometimes think, that it's too hard and there are a lot of very talented people doing it way better than you? Let me tell you, that talent is not everything. Believe me or not, everybody can become a master builder and nobody knows how to be best at it. They just do what they love and think about it all the time. All it needs is just enthusiasm, practice and patience. LEGO is an amazing medium for making anything you want a reality. But of…

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