If you encounter any problems while purchasing PDF instructions or using the xml parts list on Bricklink you probably find your answer here. I’ve put together answers for every issue I’ve encontered so far, but if you still have problems feel free to contact me throught the contact form or email me to hello@jerrybuildsbricks.com.

Shortly after purchasing on my store, you will recieve a download link into your email. It will contain two files. The detailed PDF instructions which also include a visual parts list at the end. The are created in Bricklink Stud.io software and are very similar to the instructions you know from any official set. The second file is an xml parts list you can easily inport ino Bricklink.com and use it as a whish list wor ordering parts. You can find a detailed guide for this below.

For now I only accept payments via PayPal. You will be redirected to PayPal gateway after confirming your shopping cart. 

You will recieve the download links instantly after purchase to your email. Please note that the links are valid only for 72 hours after purchase for security reasons. You can create an acconut on the site to login later and access your purchase history.

The whole system is automated, but it isn’t perfect. Sometimes your payment fails to register even though you sent the money succesfully. First, check if the money was has been already deducted from your account. If this is true, please do not try to pay again. In this case I will check your payment and mark it as completed manually so you can receive your order. I control every purchase to avoid this but if you encounter this issue please contact me via the contact form or email a preferably use the same name and email that was used for the purchase so I can find it easily.

Yes, but only in following cases. You accidentaly puchased something twice. In that case I can offer you either full refund for the second copy or you can choose something else as a replacement for the same price. You made a mistake in your order and you will contact me via email and explain it to me.

You should receive the files immediately after you purchased them into your email. If not, first of all don’t panic and check your spam folder if the email wasn’t flagged as spam. This happens quite often. If the link is still nowhere to be find, please contact me and I will check what went wrong.  

I get notifications for any order right away and I check the email usually at least once a day. So please be patient I will respod to your email in a few hours and help you with any problems you might have. Please note that I’m located in Central Europe timezone UTC + 1 so I might respond a little later depending on your location.

The download links in your email will automatically expire in 72 hours after purchase. This is just for security reasons. So please download your files as soon as you can. If you have registered on the site you’ll still be able to acces your purchase history later. If you for some reasone missed this limit and didn’t register, contact me and I will send you another valid link. The link can also be blocked if there was some issue with your payment. In this case contact me too and I will check everything.

The xml parts list is a special file format used on Bricklink.com to order parts. The full guide on how to use it is included below on this page.

Hi, feel free to contact me with any question but I higly recommend that you check the step by step guide I prepared for you below.

Yes, you definitelly can! I’m open to any commision builds no matter the size or complexity but keep in mind that I mainly design vehicle-related creations. I will design the model in digigital form for you and than help you with ordering parts via Bricklink. If you want a Christmas gift or birthday present please contact me in advance to give me enough time for design and also that the parts will be shipped to you in time. If you are interested feel free to contact me and we can discuss it further.

For now I only sell pdf instructions and parts lists. I still have a few of my kits available on MOCHub.com but I plan to start my own MOCShop sometimes soon!

How to order your parts on Bricklink.com using the included xml:

Step 1: Register at Bricklink

Go to Bricklink and register as a new user. Bricklink selects stores for you based on your location se be sure to fill all the information in correctly.

Step 2: Log in and go to upload page

In the top bar select Want and than upload.

Step 3: Copy the code

Navigate to the downloaded files on your computer. Right clik the xml file (on Windows 10) and open it in in notepad or any other text editor of your choice. It contains many lines of code as shown in the picture below. Hit ctrl+a to select all and ctrl+c to copy the code.

Step 4: Paste the code to Bricklink

Go back to Bricklink and click the second tab labeled “Upload BrickLink XML format”. Select “Create New Wanted List” from the drop down menu and Name it however you want. Click into the empty field and hit ctrl+v to paste the whole code in. Than delete the first line so that the text starts just with the <INVENTORY> tag. This is important otherwise the parts won’t load. Than hit the “Proceed to verify items” button.

Step 5: Review the parts list

All the parts will load up for you and you can check everything if you want or just click “Add to Wanted List” button at the end of the list.

Step 6: Navigate back to your wanted list.

Now your parts list is saved as a new Wanted list and you can find it under Want/Wanted list from the top bar. There are two buttons next to each Wanted list. The “Easy buy” button will instatntly select and combine the best stores all around the world that have all the parts that you need. Sometimes a single shop has everything in stock but more often it will be 3-5 stores each covering a part of your Wanted list. The downside to this is that you can’t filter stores bz price or location so I recommend using a different approach by clicking the “Setup” button instead.

Step 7: Buy all the parts

Here you can hit “Buy All” button right away. Or you can again review or edit the parts list here if you want. I generate the parts lists automatically from Stud.io so there can be no errors or missing parts however there are several variants for most parts anew ones come out quite often. So you can review and swap anything you desire here. 

Step 8: FIltering stores

Now you can filter and select stores you want. Select country you want to order from, currency and other options (read the tooltips they have all the information you need) and hit “Auto-select”.

In the popup window uncheck the box a nd hit “Start”.

Step 9: Final check

Bricklink will automatically select most optimal orders for you and if everything seems alright for you, you can hit “Create carts” right away and proceed  to order the parts. It should be straight forward from this point. Congratulations! Your parts are on the way!

However, if the price seems too high you can try to change a few things around. You basically have two options here. If you hit the “Edit” button it will open up the list of parts that make the particular order and you can just delete the parts that seem too expensive (some shops charge a lot for particular parts – much more that they should). Or you can just hit “Remove” which will remove the whole shop from your orders. But how do you add the missing parts back? Don’t worry, as you can see in the bottom part there is an updated list of shops that have everything that is missing from your order and you can add them back to your list. Notice that up on the page over your list, there’s a line which says in my example 168/170 assigned (98%). If it says 100% you’re good to go. Nothing is missing and the price seems right now so you can hit “Create carts” and proceed to order everything you need.