You are currently viewing My USS Enterprise A Featured in Hungarian Online News Platform!

My USS Enterprise A Featured in Hungarian Online News Platform!

It looks like there are many Star Trek fans in Hungary, because one of the major local online news platform published an article called „The dream of Star Trek fans finally came true“. The article is about MOCHUB – new Hungarian platform for buying and selling custom LEGO creations. I started to collaborate with them a few months ago and was among the first builders, who registrated on the site. One of my creations that you can find in their online store is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A display model with custom stand in the shape of the Starfleet logo. This creation was also selected as a cover photo for the article!

My Star Trek creations got blogged several times on sites like Zusammengebaut and The Brothers Brick, where my Type 6 Shuttlecraft ranked third in the list of The 10 most popular custom LEGO creation instructions of 2017.

USS Enterprise A with shuttlecraft Shuttlecraft approaching main hangar

It seems to me that many LEGO fans around the world would love to see more Star Trek creations even the official sets from TLG. But I am not sure that would ever happen – there was a very nicely designed LEGO IDEAS Star Trek Abramsverse Enterprise project several years ago, but the official LEGO statement was that the Star Trek Intelectual Property couldn’t be obtained at that time.

So it remains on a few MOC designers to boldly go where no builder has gone before. And there are already several great builds on the internet. I have listed a few of my favourite Star Trek builders below so you can have a look at their amazing builds yourself. I already designed three Star Trek MOCs myself: Enterprise A, Enterprise D from TNG and also Type 6 Shuttlecraft from the same show. And you can expect more Star Trek creations from me next year so stay tuned! And if you want to see any specific Star Trek ship design from me, let me know in the comments.

Some awesome Star Trek builds from around the internet I really like:

Enterprise escort duty
Enterprise escort duty by marchetti36 on Flickr

(Star Trek) Custom LEGO® Runabout (01)
Star Trek Custom LEGO® Runabout by Jon Markiewitz on Flickr

LEGO USS Enterprise
Constitution Refit Class by ltnooy on Flickr

STAR TREK BRIDGE 2017 VERSION 04 by Eric DRUON on Flickr

My friend Tintin1 also has many great Star Trek themed builds on his YouTube channel. Check them out:


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