Custom instructions and kits made out of LEGO bricks

Do you want to know how to build an awesome looking Lamborghini Countach, Arkham Knight Batmobile, G1 Sidewipe Transformer or USS Enterprise out of LEGO bricks? Then you have come to the right place! I have all of those here and much more. So let’s build something awesome together!

You can choose three ways to get your own custom build:

PDF Instructions

You can download any of my custom made instructions for just $5. They are carefully crafted in to be easy to follow and each of them also include complete parts list that can be used at Bricklink to get the parts yourself.

Complete Kits on MOCHub

If you want the whole kit to be delivered to your doorstep, the easiest way is to buy it ah You'll get all the parts in new condition and the pdf instructons are included too.

Free YouTube instructions

My YouTube channel has more than a hundred instructions which you can watch for free! Some of the models also have free partslists on Rebrickable or Mecabricks. Enjoy!