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Jerry’s Cars Giveaway Competition

Since I started doing LEGO instructions I always wanted to make a competition for all of you where you can win some of my creations. And the time is finally here! I ANNOUNCE MY FIRST COMPETITION!


Answer all the following questions and complete all the following tasks:

1.Answer these three questions about cars:

  • What is the top speed of the original version of the Bugatti Veyron?
  • How many Lamborghini Venenos were produced?
  • What speed must the Delorean reach in order to achieve time travel in “Back to the Future”?

2. Visit my Instagram:

  • What is the name of the car which you can find at the very first photo on my Instagram?
  • Leave a comment “I am joining the competition” under that photo
  • Don’t forget to write me your Instagram profile name if it is different from your name

3. Answer a question about my Batmobiles:

  • How many parts does Batman need to build all my Batmobiles that are currently on

4. Visit my YouTube channel:


Send me all your answers in one email to



As prizes, you can win three of my minifig scale creations:

  • The first correct answer I will receive after the start of the competition wins the DeLorean Time Machine
  • The very last correct answer I will receive before the deadline wins the Lamborghini Veneno
  • By using random number generator I will draw one answer from all the correct answers (except the first and the last ones) and this answer wins the Bugatti Veyron.

All prizes will be sent to winners by Winners will be contacted and asked to provide their shipping addresses.


Other Information

  • The competition starts at 18:00 CEST on the 28th of April 2018 and ends by 23:59 CEST on the 4th of May 2018

Don’t forget to consider your time zone, CEST corresponds to UTC+2. You can use Time Zone Converter to calculate your time shift. As “a city to convert from” add Prague, Czech Republic.

  • The winners will be announced shortly after the end of the competition
  • If you don’t complete all the tasks and don’t answer all the questions correctly, your email will be excluded from the competition


My big THANKS goes to for sponsoring and supporting this competition!


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, or write me to

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