Jerry’s Cars Giveaway Competition

Since I started doing LEGO instructions I always wanted to make a competition for all of you where you can win some of my creations. And the time is finally here! I ANNOUNCE MY FIRST COMPETITION! Rules Answer all the following questions and complete all the following tasks: 1.Answer these three questions about cars: What is the top speed of the original version of the Bugatti Veyron? How many Lamborghini Venenos were produced? What speed must the Delorean reach in order to achieve time travel in "Back to the Future"? 2. Visit my Instagram: What is the name of the car…

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Ready Player One – A Fanboy Dream Come True?

If a few years ago somebody would tell me that there will be a DeLorean racing with Kaneda's bike from Akira in a movie about a video game directed by Steven Spielberg I would probably think he's a little bit crazy. But I would also think to myself that that's exactly what I want to see on the big screen! And here we are in 2018 and that's exactly what Ready Player One is all about! And all of that happened thanks to one video game nerd from Ohio, Ernest Cline! But is it also a dream come true for anybody else? Let's…

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