Lotus Esprit Turbo (Red)

311 parts, 8-wide scale, estimated cost of parts on Bricklink: $54

Red Lotus Esprit Turbo in 8-studs-wide minifig scale. Main features:

  • This download contains a zip file with detailed PDF instructions made with Stud.io and a parts list in Bricklink .xml format
  • I design every MOC with real parts first by my own hands to ensure it’s sturdy enough and swooshable
  • I try to avoid any illegal connections that stress the parts
  • I also avoid stickers or uncommon printed parts and try to build every detail with standard parts
  • you can easily fit two standard minifigs of your choice inside
  • the wheels spin freely
  • If you have any questions check my comprehensive FAQ which also includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to upload the xml parts list to Bricklink.com and buy all the parts easily
  • The video below shows the first version I built for comparison. The updated model from the instructions is smaller and has better proportions overall.