JBB’s TOP 5 Vehicle MOCs of the week #3

JBB’s TOP 5 Vehicle MOCs of the week #3

Every week I’m going to share with you guys 5 vehicle MOCs from around the Internet that I liked the most. If you agree, disagree or miss something in my pick, let me know in the comments below! If you want to see your MOC on my list use #jbbtop5 on Instagram or send me the link to any other page or social network. There are only four rules: 

  1. the MOC must be your own design
  2. it must be a vehicle of any sort (car, aircraft, spaceship, etc.)
  3. the photo of the MOC was uploaded recently to any of your social profile (Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  4. all five picks are presented in no particular order (the position on the list is not from worst to best or anything) 
 So let’s get to it! These are my TOP 5 MOCs of last week:

#1 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL by jon3lliott

If you like LEGO cars chances are that you already know Jonathan Elliott. His 6-wide cars are always among the best you can find on the Internet. The 300 SL is a very hard one and he just nailed it to the last tiny detail. I have seen this beauty in person so I really appreciate this build. I also like the use of the 1×6 mudguards although my guess is that the wheels don’t turn. But Jonathan’s builds are all about the look… and this automotive legend recreation looks pretty much awesome!


#2 McLarren Speedtail by velici.adrian

Ever since the Speedtail was announced, I get at least one request a week to build it. Now velici.adrian took the pole position with his awesome build. And I especially like the use of both Speed Champions canopies at the same time. That’s what I wanted to try for a long time and the Speedtail is just perfect for it. He also posted several other great cars this week that I couldn’t include but be sure to check them out too! You won’t be disappointed 😉 .

#3 Lancia Beta Montecarlo Group 5 race car by brick_motorsports

I spent this weekend building the Lancia Rally 037 and for some strange coincidence, several other Lancia builds appeared this week all around the social media. I guess we should call it a Lancia week! 😀 This one by brick_motorsports looks like it’s speeding through the corner even if it’s just standing on the table and that’s very hard to do in such a small scale.


#4 1989 The Persephone buggy by BobDeQuatre

This buggy reminds me heavily of Mass Effect with its clean technical look and color choices. It’s a part of BobDeQuatre’s ongoing Mars Corporation building theme and I can’t wait to see more!


#5 Ford GT by lego_luke_

Luke Winder aka lego_luke_ is best known for his 8-wide builds and now he added a new one that truly shines! In this scale, he was able to recreate the iconic rear of the car with much better accuracy and overall the car is recognizable at first sight. Also, be sure to check his 8-wide Shelby which was posted just a week before. This guy sure knows how to build an awesome Ford!

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