JBB’s TOP 5 Vehicle MOCs of the week #2

JBB’s TOP 5 Vehicle MOCs of the week #2

Every week I’m going to share with you guys 5 vehicle MOCs from around the Internet that I liked the most. If you agree, disagree or miss something in my pick, let me know in the comments below! If you want to see your MOC on my list use #jbbtop5 on Instagram or send me the link to any other page or social network. There are only four rules: 

  1. the MOC must be your own design
  2. it must be a vehicle of any sort (car, aircraft, spaceship, etc.)
  3. the photo of the MOC was uploaded recently to any of your social profile (Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  4. all five picks are presented in no particular order (the position on the list is not from worst to best or anything) 
 So let’s get to it! These are my TOP 5 MOCs of last week:

#1 1976 Dodge W-200 Pick Up as bike Transporter by _derjoe_

One of my favorite builders, Joachim Klang, has a long history of building awesome and very accurate American cars and pickups. He updated one of his designs with the new official Harley-Davidson stickers and added a very cool minifig scale bike to the back. I really like the creative use of some parts here – in particular, the brown hat as a seat and black revolvers as handlebars.

#2 Dodge Monaco/Ford LTD flavoured cop car by Adam Yes. Have one.

Nex we have a LEGO BATMAN MOVIE inspired GPD police car. Although I’m not a big fan of cars in this scale, I have to admit that this one looks great and could easily become an official set.


#3 Audi Quattro by Marc Runde

I’ve built the Group B Ford RS200 car this weekend for my channel and thought of doing the Quatro next and then boom – this amazing rendition pops up on Flickr. A very accurate Speed Champions version by very talented Marc Runde. As he says credit also goes to Ben for the front design, cause he came up with it first. I don’t think I can do much better because within milliseconds of first looking at this picture I knew this is how a perfect LEGO Quattro should look like.

1 Front 3_4 Left

#4 1989 Batmobile by KaijuWorld

As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of the Batmobile in any shape and form. Most people would pick the 1989 one as their favorite and that’s why we’ve seen so many MOCs depicting it by so many builders in all sizes from micro builds to Brick Vault’s USC one designed by Dave Slater. KaijuWorld managed not only to do a very accurate minifig-scale version, but it also has an ability to turn into the Bat-missile. An amazing achievement in such a small scale!

lego 1989 Batmobile moc (IRL)

#5 Bugatti EB110 by bricksbygreyguy

Supercars are usually very hard to make in 6-wide scale, but the Bugatti EB110 is a particularly difficult one to pull of. Bricksbygreyguy managed to make it recognizable at first sight. But the credit also goes to a very talented bbricks92, who made it first and his version was an inspiration for this version. Check out both builders, you won’t regret it 😉


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