A trailer for my Lost In Space Chariot!

A trailer for my Lost In Space Chariot!

I really liked the new Lost in Space reboot series on Netflix. Especially the vehicles and overall production design. So a few weeks ago I made instructions for the awesome new Charriot which plays a key role in a few episodes of the show. And to my surprise, the video got really popular and even got noticed by one of the main stars of the show Mina Sundwall at her twitter account!

I had only one week to design the Chariot as I usually do with all my MOCs so it was a pity that I couldn’t include the trailer. But thanks to wild2cv you can now build it too! He not only built one but he also made pdf instructions and a parts list and sent them to me. You can download both files through the links below. Big thanks to wild2cv and enjoy building!

And if you like the instructions, don’t forget to visit the builder’s profile and tell him. He’s got some really nice MOCs on his profile worth checking out too 🙂

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  1. To me it just can’t stay with out a Trailer and the Trailer can be easly build and modified 🙂 don t forget that it is possible to use yellow and red for this moc! So u can build 2 different Chariot and trailer :D.
    Hope we will make a team work again, thanks Jerry !

  2. Thanks for the instructions! I had only the red color available so I went with it. But it would be cool to see the other ones too. If you plan to do more LiS builds I would be very happy to see them 😉

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