1. Sven
    12. 9. 2018 @ 8:29

    Wow, this is exactly what I think about the book and the movie, thanks for this great article.
    I read the book first, found it like you in a bookstore by accident, and the title shows the stacks where Wade climbs the letter up or down and Ready Player One in big type letters. I love it from the first page and I enjoyed the book very very much, I read it in english whereby I am german. When Wade said at the end of chapter 0000 „That kid was me.” – goosebumps!!! I saw the movie in 3D on the first day and I was very confused – That’s not my Ready Player One! But I waited for the BluRay and want to give the movie a new chance 🙂 I bought at the first day the 3D version „and“ the great VHS package with the 2D BluRay. Now I love the movie too. My wife and I are reading the book together at the time.


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